Bongs Australia are preferred when it comes to smoking




The common way that cannabis is being used is inhaling or smoking it. Cannabis products are normally smoked without or with tobacco. It can be taken as cigarette or by using a pipe. Such devices are different from other types of devices but the commonest come with long stem and they incorporate the water filtration in the hookah type. They are most of the time called bongs.  A difference that exists within the bongs with other smoking devices is that the smoke is going to pass within the water or other liquids before it can reach to the users.  The bongs can be homemade or store bought and the bongs australia are found in different designs and sizes.

Even if the use of water smoking devices in the style of bongs, had been used for a long period, it is not clear where it started. The evidence shows that they may have been used in Africa before while others suggest that they were being used In Persia or China before.

Among the potential harms that are linked to the use of the cannabis is the respiratory damage as a result of smoking. Taking into account the popularity of smoking of the cannabis by the use of bongs, it is now surprising since there is no research that were made to see the harms which are associated with the practice of using bongs. There are many people who believe the smoke of cannabis using bongs is free from the harm especially when it is compared to the tobacco smoking.



Even if there is a belief that the bongs are only used to smoke the weed, there are many uses of the bongos for different things. Even if bongos are versatile, few people are not aware of how they can benefit from their usage so that they can maximize the value of their bongs.

You can use bongs regardless if you are in a vacation or at home. It is not good to pass the bong as the device used only by the younger generation.  Besides using the bongs for weed smoking, you may use it like a PEZ dispenser, a fish bowl, a water cooler, a modern art, a measuring cup, a piggy bank, a flower vase, a giant mug to take beer, like weapon or as flesh light.

If you have decided to use the bongs, it is good if you can understand different parts of a common bong.  Even if the bongs, may look simple, they can also be sophisticated devices. They do have different parts that have to work together so that the user can be able to get the best out of his bong.

A mouthpiece: this is the opening on the end of the tubes found where the users place their mount on their bongs. When you place the mouth to inhale the hole, you should place the lips on it. A chamber on the bongs are the place where the smoke accumulates being ready to be inhaled. A bowl is a place of bongs which holds the smoking materials and downstem is a small tube which connects the water from the bottoms of the bongs.  A carb is optional on some bongs and it is a hole found over water level.

Passing Your Drug Test: When to Consider Synthetic Urine for Marijuana Users

Marijuana users are often treated somewhat unfairly when compared to other drug users that may be into some of the “heavier” stuff. While the traces of marijuana can linger in the body for quite a long time, cocaine, meth and other drugs are only present for up to 72 hours, allowing users a shorter period when attempting how to pass a drug test. Visit passadrugtest to get the latest on how to pass a drug test.

Nevertheless, there are solutions for evening out the odds. Today, many of those who smoke marijuana, either casually or frequently, can benefit from synthetic products to help them improve their chances of passing their drug tests with flying colors.


Long Term Lingering

Marijuana is notorious for staying in the body much longer than any other type of drug, despite the fact that its effect is nowhere near as dangerous or negative as that of many other substances, such as heroin, cocaine or meth.

Nevertheless, there are ways to either remove it faster, wait it out, or bypass the problem altogether, but you have to know exactly when certain emergency methods for passing your drug test might be called for. Before figuring all that out, consider the amount of time you’d have to wait until marijuana is completely out of your system:

  • For infrequent users, marijuana can be detected for up to 5 days after the last time it was used. Sometimes, the effects can wear off in as little as two days, under varying circumstances, and depending especially on the person’s metabolism and diet.
  • People who use it more frequently can be subject to its detection for up to 15 days. That’s how long you have to go without in order for the drug to completely be out of your system.
  • Finally, if you’re a heavy pot smoker, and also suffer from obesity or high body fat, the substance can linger for up to 30 days. Staying away from it for that long can be difficult, as well as impractical, since many times you have to find a viable solution to pass your drug tests much quicker.

Whether you’re an avid smoker, or you just made the mistake of smoking some pot with friends about a week days before a drug test you didn’t know you had, it is important to keep all this information into account when determining whether or not you should try to fool the system.

In some cases, you can eliminate all traces of marijuana from your body with some diuretics, vitamins and plenty of fluids. However, products like synthetic urine are sometimes necessary when there’s no other alternative, and you simply have to take and pass your urine drug test.

The Use of Synthetic Urine

High quality synthetic urine is quite possibly the most practical method for how to pass a drug test, and doesn’t come out as positive for marijuana.

The process is simple: you just buy your affordable synthetic urine kit, practice with it for a while, learn how to follow the instructions for securing the strap and bottle and heating the urine to the optimal temperature, and you’re all set. Although it may require some courage and a steady hand, you’ll find that the best synthetic urine products on the market will perform quite perfectly.

Drug Testing 101

Drug tests are a type of test that was utilized in several industries. These are used especially by companies in checking whether their employees or soon-to-be employees are using drugs. However, workplaces are not the ones that require drug tests. Even parents are conducting drug testing in checking their loved ones; often in a form of home drug testing kits.

Have you been required to undergo these tests? The good news is that there are now available products that can help you pass this test. However, before you ask on how to pass drug tests, you need to first understand the common types of drug tests. What are they?


Basics of Drug Testing: Different Types of Drug Tests

Generally, the most used type of drug test is the urine test. Of course, it matters being knowledgeable regarding this aspect. There is also a need to learn how to pass a drug test.

  • Breath Tests

Breath tests are designed to test alcohol use among people. The method of testing is very simple. You are only required to blow into a hand-held device. This is a type of test that is used in workplaces and by most police officers. In New Zealand, breath testing is conducted in roadside randomly. In detecting their last use, the body breaks it down for an hour. A standard drink is defined as the quantity of pure alcohol that a drink contains. Basically, a standard drink contains 10g of pure alcohol.

  • Urine Tests

Urine tests are used for all illicit and prescription drugs. They include certain forms of synthetic type of cannabis. Such tests can be modified in order to detect the right substances. The process starts from urinating into a container while the urine will be tested with the use of a dipstick.

Tests with positive results are sent back the laboratory for further testing. These tests are typically used in drug test centers, sporting bodies and workplaces. The detection time depends on the substances.

For instance, the detection time following the last use of cannabis is up to ten days for infrequent use. For more frequent use, it takes about thirty days and more. For opiates, it takes about 2-4 days; cocaine for 2-3 days; and a couple of weeks for benzodiazepines. These tests can be cheated by using a synthetic urine see below.

  • Blood Tests

Blood tests are done to detect prescription and illicit drugs. Just like other urine tests, these tests are modified in order that the right substance is detected.

These tests are typically used in confirming the results of breath test, concerning alcohol. The process entails taking a blood sample by means of a finger prick or from the vein in the hand or arm with the use of a needle. The sample gathered will be tested in the laboratory. Blood tests are conducted by sporting bodies, police and drug treatment centers. Detection time after usage depends on the substance to be detected. For instance, it takes about 20-36 hours with cannabis and 40-90 minutes with cocaine.

  • Saliva Tests

These tests are used to detect amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, MDMA or ecstasy or cannabis usage along with benzodiazepines. The method of testing requires the use of absorbent collectors which is put on the tongue or mouth. This test is typically used in workplaces. The detection time after usage includes 3-4 hours in cannabis, 12-24 in amphetamines and ecstasy, 4 hours in cocaine.

  • Hair Tests

Hair tests are conducted to detect certain prescription drugs and use of illicit drugs. These entail cutting 40-50 hair strands from the scalp or from the head’s crown. The sample is brought to the laboratory and is tested. It is often used in justice settings and sporting bodies. These are excellent tests because these can detect the previous use. Currently, these remain to be the best type that can detect the use of drugs that are beyond weeks. However, these are rarely used because of their expensive costs.

How to Pass a Drug Test

You now know the different types of drug tests. The next thing you want to know is the answer on how to pass a drug test. The simplest answer is to not take any form of drugs. Another means is to ensure that the body has already metabolized all the drugs you took up. There is also a third option, which is to use products meant to help you pass this test. This is now sold at several places. If you are interested to know some of these products, take a look at some of them below.

Some Examples of Products that can Help You Pass a Drug Test

There are several products that are now sold to help those people interested in passing a drug test. These products are categorized according to the type of test they are used for. For instance:

  • For Urine Test –Absolute Detox Carbo Drink is in available cherry and lemon Lime flavors that help you on how to pass a drug test. This particular product is meant for light smokers. If you belong to any-type-of-smoker group who are smoking between once-a-week and every day, you can use Heat Pads. This product helps to keeping both of your hands and feet, or synthetic urine toasty and warm.
  • For Saliva or Swab Test – There is the Ultra Klean Mouthwash with the role of eliminating any unwanted residue in your spit. In just an hour, you will be toxin free with this mouthwash!
  • For Hair Test – Use Get Clean Shampoo to eliminate any unwanted metabolites that are present in your hair. It works by reducing the present metabolites in the hair. The shampoo has its effect for 4 to 5 hours before the metabolites are put back in your hair.

There are many more products that can serve as the answer to your question on “how to pass a drug test”? Are you interested for more products? You can visit to see the complete list of these products! Tell your friends about this website as well!